• Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica (AGCS) is the most authoritative periodical and the main documents in China Surveying and Mapping circles. In the 57 years, it has been extensively approved by colleagues of surveying and mapping circles. AGCS is the main documents of state level periodical for international academic exchange and reflects the most high development level of China surveying and mapping science and technology.


    AGCS started its publication in 1957. It is the one of 77 periodicals, established by the societies of natural science at that time. It has won the title of excellent periodical of Chinese Society of Science and Technology (CSST). It has been chosen as one of the hundred excellent academic periodicals in China and as an item of excellent scientific and Technical Periodicals Project of CSST. AGCS has got aid financially many times from CSST for excellent academic periodicals in high science and technology. AGCS has its paper ,be chosen by CSST into the state excellent scientific and technical papers in every year. AGCS is an open access journal,Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica is an open access journal, which is adopted by the Directory of Open Access Journals(DOAJ) and the China Open Access Journals(COAJ).  


    Manuscripts should be written in English or Chinese. Authors should  submit articles electronically and inquire about the processing situation through the website

    For more detailed submission guidelines, see our Editorial Office website at articles will be provided to academic search engines, but authors will not received more remuneration. If authors do not agree with this, please state when submitting articles. Or else, we deem you have already accept this item.


    An author should not submit the same manuscript to two or more publications, and should not submit any manuscript that has already been published in whole or substantial part elsewhere.When submitting manuscripts, authors should supply mailing and e-mail addresses. An author who submits a manuscript electronically should receive an e-mail from the editorial office indicating the manuscript number.


    Authors may submit a list of suggested reviewers and their e-mail address for the manuscript; suggested reviewers should not, of course, have any conflict of interest regarding the review. The identities of authors will be withheld from reviewers until after determining the final disposition of the manuscript. Authors are responsible for the preparation of manuscripts to permit masked review. The first page of the printed manuscript should omit the author's names and affiliations but should include the title of the manuscript and the date it was submitted. A separate cover sheet should show the title of the manuscript, the authors' names and affiliations, the date the manuscript was submitted, and any footnotes (e.g., Author Note) containing information pertaining to the authors' identify or affiliations.


    Once the article is accepted by AGCS, if there is not special statement, authors are deemed to authorize copyright to AGCS and its cooperating media to copy,  release and disseminate through network. Copyright usage charge and remuneration will be paid to author at one time. Magazines will be sent to authors and the whole article can be downloaded freely.All its journal articles are published in accordance with the Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-ND) license.

    If any feedback is not received within 20 days, send an e-mail to  ; inquiring about your manuscript.

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